Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the box made out of?


Q: Does it stop the transmission of germs?

A:  Mya’s Tiss-Used box solution is simple.  Who wants piles of dirty, snotty tissues laying around, when there is no garbage can? We don’t know if it stops transmission, but we do know it stops people from laying dirty tissues everywhere, which will spread germs.

Q: Are you planning on making other colors?

A: Yes.  Continue to check back as we introduce new color choices.

Q: Is there a discount for multiple units?

A:  We have a 10% off discount for 2 or more units.

Q: What size tissue boxes fit in the Tiss-Used holder?

A: Normal square boxes.  Some companies make extra-large boxes.  Those need to be turned sideways, and some pressure will need to be applied to push all the way down.  

Q: Can you use your empty box on the garbage side?

A: Yes, While you can use the empty box on the garbage side should you choose to, the Tiss-Used box is a closed container therefore it is not necessary to do so.

Q: Is Tiss-Used dishwasher safe?

A: We recommend hand washing. Plastic may melt from the heat element.