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With all the negativity we see every day, it is infinitely important to counteract the negative with some positivity. The so-called adults of this country could take a lesson from these four amazing young people.

Jon Bon Jovi and Dominic Mercado, Jersey Boys Unite.

Not that they work together, but just maybe 12-year-old Dominic Mercado took some cues from another NJ native that gives back to fellow less fortunate New Jersians at his pay what you want, everyone is welcome
JBJ Soul Kitchen restaurant.
Dominic made the altruistic decision to forgo birthday presents and parties, and ask for donations of pasta and jars of sauce. He donated them to Spirit & Truth Ministries who said “this was by far the largest donation they have seen in years. It took five SUVs just to haul all of the food away. He was even featured on ABC 7 NY. Such an amazing young man. Thank you, Dominic. for showing us the way.

7 Year Old Curtis Rogers Shows Compassion Beyond His Years.

When hearing about his babysitter missing her prom due to Covid-19, Curtis felt compelled to do what he could to cheer her up. He asked,
and Rachel Chapman did not think twice. The answer was a resounding “Yes!” They had an elegant Chick-fil-A meal, while dressed in a suit and gown. Then they danced as if the world outside their yard was not going through one of the worst times in the countries history. They let go of all the negative baggage, at least for a little while and enjoyed being young, as they should.

Long Story Short.

Stella Bonner and her father Patrick are two peas in a pod. His creative bedtime stories sparked them to both agree "this story needs to be told." All this started before our world got turned upside down by the pandemic, but it also gave them the perfect daddy-daughter time to pen this epic tale. What they created was a 50k word novel staring Darien the Librarian. Which is also the title. Darien has magic powers that allow her to jump in and out of books, but I don’t think Darien can hold a candle to Stella’s real-life superhero chops. Dad knew people would want to read what he and his daughter had created. 
“My dad wanted to publish it, but I didn’t want to,” Stella told WCVB5 News. “I wanted to make a fundraiser about it because we already have all the money we need. What would we do with the extra? Some people can’t put food on the table.” The initial goal was to make $500 that they could give to Feeding America. As of June, Stella’s book had raised over $27,000. They have also now made a sequel to the first book and started a new fundraising campaign that as of December 1st had raised another $5,000. Your donation may even get you a character in the new book. Please visit and donate.

Coverings from the Heart

Covid-19 was not the start of Lucy’s caring for others, just a change of direction. Lucy Blaylock’s mother Veronica taught her to sew at the young age of 8. Together, they started making flannel “love blankets” for other kids each with a signature Lucy heart sewn in. The blankets have been shipped to 13 countries and given to children who have been bullied, have been fighting cancer, have lost a loved one, etc. 
When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, they decided to switch gears for a little while. This loving duo from Tennessee started sewing masks for healthcare workers, and as of May Lucy had sewn 1100 masks. Her story doesn’t stop there. When you visit her site Lucy's Love Blankets, you start to see the effect she has had on the world around her. She was even on the Tamron Hall show. What an amazing young woman. #lovelikelucy