Mya's Story

Tiss-Used really was spawned by necessity.  Enter Mya,  my 10-year-old daughter.  Growing up, she was plagued like many kids and adults alike, with a pretty consistent year-round allergy problem. On a daily basis, she goes through a half box of tissues, when she gets sick (as the rest of us) maybe a whole box. 

In certain places where people don’t normally keep garbage cans (ie the couch, near the bed, in the car), those used tissues tend to pile up. Along with the germs and boogies that are inside them. Mya got sick of having Mom and Dad scolding her about it all the time. When she was  asked to be in an invention convention, she made a very rudimentary Tiss-Used. 

Being an inventor myself, I recognized that this idea (although raw) had a ton of potential and that there was nothing else like it on the market. We worked on ideas that made sense...size, utility, what the market needed, etc.  Six years later, a group of friends and neighbors (Timberr LLC), who have done everything except the manufacturing, now bring you, Tiss-Used! 

Once we had our prototypes and began using them, we knew we had a hit.  When it's not there, you miss it.

Timberr LLC is determined to give its customers a valuable, useful product that lives up to all the standards you would expect. 

Please feel free to contact us with questions about the product by emailing,